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Discover the countless advantages of introducing coding to kids aged 9 to 18 in this technology-driven era.  Unlock their potential with our tailored coding classes now.

Discover the countless advantages of introducing coding to kids aged 9 to 18 in this technology-driven era.  Unlock their potential with our tailored coding classes now.

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Professional and qualified instructors

All of our instructors have a technical background, professional experience, and a passion for teaching and mentoring youth.

STEAM Centric Approach

Programming plays a vital role in STEAM education for kids, we focus on fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and a deeper understanding of technology’s integration into various disciplines.

Progressive Course Program

Our courses are designed to build your child’s confidence and teach them the fundamentals of programming concepts in a fun and educational setting.

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What we offer

We provide quality coding courses for your children

At Bits & Bytes Coders, our expertly crafted coding courses nurture problem-solving, logical thinking, and creative expression, empowering young minds with essential cognitive skills. We offer engaging Python-based courses for kids with experienced, compassionate, and creative instructors. For our older students, we also offer courses in advanced coding topics and personalized tutoring.

Python for Bits

In this initial introduction to coding program, we focus on learning what is coding and how it can be used to help us. We also introduce kids to Python coding which equips them with a versatile and powerful programming language, enabling them to develop real-world applications, cultivate logical thinking, and lay a solid foundation for their journey into the world of software development and problem-solving

Scratch for Bits

Scratch coding introduces them to a creative and engaging platform where they can learn the fundamentals of programming through interactive, block-based visual coding, fostering their problem-solving abilities and sparking their interest in computer science.


Python for Bytes

This continuation of our “Python for Bits” program builds on our foundation and focuses on more advanced coding topics including more hands-on coding of “real” applications each week.


Digital safety

Digital safety is crucial for kids aged 9-18 to protect them from online risks and ensure a secure and responsible experience in the digital world. We offer a unique course covering the basics of safe usage of digital technologies including Social Media platforms and Mobile Messaging platforms.

Introduction to Educational Tools

Key educational tools for students, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and correctly using Search Engines, empower learners with essential skills for document creation, presentation, data analysis, and collaborative learning, enhancing their academic success and future readiness.

Advanced Coding Topics

Our advanced coding topics include a wide variety of subjects related to the AP Computer Science Curriculum and include topics like Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms, Advanced Flows / Looping, Blockchain Basics, and Introduction to Machine Learning and AI.

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    John Smith Designation

    Bits and Bytes Coders Academy is a game-changer for kids learning to code. The engaging curriculum and skilled instructors have fueled my child's coding journey. Highly recommended!"

    Smiling Young Woman on Yellow
    Elena Jackson Designation

    Bit and Bytes Coders Academy provides exciting Python coding classes for kids, with hands-on projects and flexible online options. Highly recommended for a fun and supportive learning experience

    Headshot of handsome young man wearing round glasses, looking straight to the camera with smile
    Albert White Designation

    The Python coding classes at Bit and Bytes Coders Academy are top-notch. My child loved the hands-on projects and the supportive learning environment. Highly recommended for young aspiring coders!

    Julia Wilbert Designation

    I can't speak highly enough of Bit and Bytes Coders Academy. Their Python coding classes for kids are outstanding, offering a perfect blend of interactive learning and practical projects. loved it!

    Derrick Scot Designation

    Bit and Bytes Coders Academy exceeded my expectations. The Python coding classes for kids are engaging and well-structured, providing valuable skills and a strong foundation.Highly recommend!